WP Produce and Hazel Tech Grow Program by 35%

CHICAGO, IL – Hazel Technologies, a USDA-funded company providing new technologies to extend the quality shelf life of produce and fight food waste, and Miami based WP Produce, the pioneers of tropical avocados, are pleased to report that outstanding quality and program growth occurred during the peak season for Dominican Republic tropical avocados. The tropical season saw exceptionally strong sales, which were a clear indicator that the tropical variety will continue to see increased penetration—coast to coast—in the growing avocado category.

Family-owned for more than 35 years, WP Produce is committed to upholding the highest quality standards. “Investing in new technology that ensures premium quality and extended shelf-life is vital to our business,” commented Chris Gonzalez, VP of Sales at WP Produce, “Consumers expect freshness and flavor, and by protecting our Desbry® Tropical Avocados with Hazel™ O we are delivering the highest possible quality and shelf-life to our retail and foodservice partners.”  

Since the start of the WP Produce and Hazel Tech partnership with 2-count consumer bags in 2020, WP Produce has expanded their distribution of shipments protected by Hazel™ by over 35%, now servicing customers throughout North America and Canada, including leading retailers such as Kroger. Increased consumer demand for the fruit’s flavor and diverse cooking applications has motivated major retailers to implement new merchandising programs dedicated to Tropical Avocado category growth. Popular restaurant chains have also incorporated Desbry® Tropical Avocados protected by Hazel™ into their menus.

“We’ve always had strong distribution along the East Coast, but over the past few years we’ve worked hard to introduce Desbry® Tropical Avocados in California, Nevada, Texas and other western states where the research and data shows great potential for growing the avocado category,” said Gonzalez. “Hazel Tech has been an important part of our expansion, assuring our premium-quality fruit stays fresh all the way to the Pacific coast from Florida and the Dominican Republic. Our customers tell us we are the only supplier that can do so.”

“Hazel’s mission is to increase the efficiency of the supply chain through innovative, easy-to-use solutions,” said Aidan Mouat, CEO of Hazel Technologies, “The Hazel™ O technology utilized in Desbry® Tropical Avocados is proven to protect the internal and external quality of both organic and conventional programs. Less food wasted means higher retail sales and a smaller environmental footprint.”


About Hazel Technologies, Inc.:

Hazel Technologies is a USDA-funded startup company that develops new solutions to extend the quality shelf life of fresh produce and reduce food waste. Founded in 2015, Hazel Tech® services over 150 of the world’s largest fresh produce packers, shippers, and retailers. Selected as a Finalist for Fast Company’s 2020 World Changing Ideas and winner of “Best Sustainable Packaging”; at the 2020 World Food Innovation Awards, the company’s patent-pending technologies have been tested by top academic research programs including UC Davis, Cornell University, and Oregon State University. In 2020, Hazel was used on over 3.2 billion pounds of fresh produce, preventing more than 270 million pounds from going to waste.

For more information, visit www.hazeltechnologies.com.

About the WP Produce:

Founded in 1984, WP Produce is a family-owned, multi-regional grower, packer and shipper of fresh, tropical fruits and roots. WP Produce has been a pioneer in the tropical avocado market since 1992 and is now the largest importer and distributor of Dominican tropical avocados worldwide. With farms and partnerships with growers in Florida and the Dominican Republic, WP Produce offers a wide variety of tropical produce and root vegetables under the Desbry® brand. To learn more, visit wpproduce.com.