A Message from Whole Foods Market’s New CEO, Jason Buechel

Dear fellow Team Members,

When I joined Whole Foods Market nearly a decade ago, what resonated with me most was that our Purpose to Nourish People and the Planet was not just writing on the wall. It’s alive in our stores, embedded in our culture, and it serves as our north star. I am excited and honored to carry that forward as your Chief Executive Officer.

Our Purpose drives how we do business. Little more than 40 years ago, we were one store in Austin, Texas. Today, Whole Foods Market serves communities across the U.S., Canada and the U.K., revolutionizing the way people eat and leading the industry as the first, and only, certified organic national grocer in the U.S. From our unmatched Quality Standards to our commitment to win-win relationships, we have always been more than a grocery store.

On my first day as CEO, I’d like to share a bit about my personal connection to our business. Food has always been a big part of my life. I grew up in rural Wisconsin, the eldest of five children. My father was a cheesemaker, and my siblings and I spent a great deal of time on my grandparents’ dairy farm. Most of our family dinners featured vegetables that we grew in our garden. As an adult, one of my favorite things to do — along with visiting my family, running or hiking — is trying unique foods and seeking out new restaurants. Like many Team Members, it was my love of food that helped lead me to a career with Whole Foods Market.