Allegiance Campaign Promotes Healthy Meals with $9 a Day Challenge

Iselin, NJ: With inflation booming and prices rising, families across the country are tightening their belts and seeking ways to stretch their budgets.  That’s why Allegiance Retail Services, under the Foodtown and Green Way Markets banners, launched a campaign to inspire and showcase to consumers how they can prepare three healthy, quality meals on a budget of $9 per day, promoted as the $9 a Day Challenge!

A key component of the $9 a Day Challenge was its accessibility to consumers: the campaign provided daily recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner using one primary source of protein for that day, such as chicken or sausage. Foodtown partnered with Kassie Keehn, lead chef of the New York State Public Schools, and Allegiance’s own registered dietitian Jacqueline Gomes, to create high quality and delicious meals, as well as fun and helpful food hacks to stretch a food budget.

“Our Foodtown and Green Way Market stores are locally owned and family operated and therefore are acutely sensitive to how the current economic situation is impacting the families they serve,” said Donna Zambo, Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at Allegiance Retail Services. “We wanted to be able to deliver high quality meals on a tight budget that would appeal to adults, but even more so children, who can be finicky eaters. Keehn and Gomes hit home runs with their meal suggestions.” Popular recipes include a breakfast sandwich made with chicken that cost $2.45 per serving, and a lentil and sausage stew that cost $1.98 per serving.  The most viewed online video thus far is the ground beef food hack, which shows consumers how to not only stretch their ground beef, but also make it more nutritional. 

The campaign utilized a 360-degree approach to let consumers know about the challenge. It was featured in printed weekly circulars; highlighted in videos on social media sites like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram; and promoted with instore and in-print QR codes, for easy video access. There

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