Breakthrough Container Keeps Fried Foods Hot and Crispy – Costs Less Than Paper

(St. Louis, MO)  Anchor Packaging LLC, the market-leading manufacturer of innovative packaging products for the foodservice, supermarket, and convenience store markets, announced today the latest addition to their award-winning Crisp Food Technologies®container line,with the new Fry BabyTM hinged container. The 6”x 3” size is perfect for a serving of French fries, chicken strips, nuggets, wings, and many other foods. Fry Baby containers integrate anti-fog in both the clear base and clear lid to keep food looking fresh on display for grab ‘n go and to avoid order errors. Fry Baby is a game-changer, containing the award-winning, high-performance attributes of Crisp Food Technologies AT A COST LESS THAN A COATED PAPERBOARD BOX.

The family of Crisp Food TechnologiesContainers keeps fried foods hot & crispy for over 30 minutes during takeout or delivery. The unique, patented, convection cross-flow design relieves moisture and condensation while maintaining food temperature. Through-the-closure ventilation and raised airflow channels in the bottom of the container combine with venting in the lid to ensure fried foods remain both crisp and hot. Crisp Food Technologies, in a variety of sizes, shapes, and options, are the perfect fit for the rapidly growing Home Delivery trend across all foodservice channels. Crisp Food TechnologiesContainers are in use at over 16,000 locations and growing.

The new Fry Babywill supercharge impulse purchases and repeat sales while saving operators on packaging costs. The Fry Baby is consumer reusable and recyclable.

Based in St Louis, MO, Anchor Packaging LLC is one of the largest thermoformers in North America and best-known for its award-winning product designs and custom capabilities. Anchor Packaging’s products include Crisp Food Technologies® containers that keep fried foods hot & crispy for 30-minute home delivery, Safe Pinch® Tamper-Evident containers, as well as affordable packaging for restaurant takeout and to merchandise prepared ready-to-heat meals in supermarkets. Anchor’s unique stock product line includes over 450 rigid packaging and cling film products.