California Avocados Shine in Globally Inspired Dishes

Irvine, CA —American consumers think of California Avocados as a state icon and a building block of its locavore cuisine. Marrying the comfort of avocados with the adventure that ingredients from around the globe lend to a dish is a winning combination. As California’s avocado season reaches its peak, foodservice operators should look to other cultures for tasty new ways to showcase the State’s freshly picked, quality fruit.

For example, try treating Fresh California Avocados tempura-style. The Japanese know a thing or two about flash frying, and California Avocados adapt beautifully to the technique. Delectable Crispy Tempura California Avocado is nestled in a Yuzu-Spicy Tofu Cream, which offers a tart counterpoint to avocado’s silky texture. On a Grilled Lamb Heart and California Avocado Flatbread, an Argentine-inspired appetizer, features a compressed avocado layer of beautiful color and rich flavor for other Latin-inspired toppings.

According to Menu Matters restaurant patron research, more than 8 in 10 consumers think operators have been somewhat or extremely innovative with avocados. Yet, with only 1 in 5 saying “extremely innovative,” there’s room for continued operator innovation with avocado menu items. Observes Jan DeLyser, Vice President Marketing for the California Avocado Commission, “We offer operators an array of product information and recipe resources to keep them current with U.S. and global menu trends. With the California Avocado season at its height, we look forward to seeing how chefs expand their Fresh California Avocado menu horizons.”

Take advantage of this prime time to choose Fresh California Avocados, true natives of the golden state. Every Hass avocado in the world can trace its lineage to the original Mother Hass Tree that Rudolph Hass discovered in the 1920’s in La Habra Heights, California. The Hass variety now accounts for 95% of California-grown avocados.

The California Avocado Commission offers more globally inspired recipes. For more recipes and resources, visit the Commission’s website at

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