Creativity on the Plate

Eye of round pâté. Bourbon-cured top round. Shanghai beef belly. Beef hough (aka shank). They’re all cutting-edge culinary creations not found on many, if any, restaurant menus today – but that could change, thanks to the influence and impact of the leading culinary masters applying their creativity to their preferred canvas: Certified Angus Beef ® brand cuts. 

No matter how you slice it, this top-quality product is hitting the plate in ways never seen before, just about everywhere you look. Whether it’s new – or underutilized – cuts, traditional cuts simply butchered differently, or unique cooking techniques applied to tried-and-true favorites, culinary professionals all over are discovering new horizons with the protein of celebration. Chefs who are partial to the brand are at the forefront of this movement – both at the brand’s Culinary Center and in their own kitchens.

Chef Simon Brown from Seafood R’evolution in Jackson, Miss., holds the brand’s 2018 title of Culinary Innovator, honoring restaurant chefs who push the creative bounds of beef on the plate. One achievement capturing attention was Brown’s Certified Angus Beef ® short rib tomahawk, which looks like a long-bone steak but eats like a buttery piece of braised beef.

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