Exploring Electrification to Understand the Next Generation Truck

For years, Wegmans has been focused on improving the efficiency and sustainability of its fleet. What that looks like and how we get there continues to evolve as advancements in technology become available for testing, and ultimately brought to market.

The fleet and sustainability teams, once focused on diesel efficiency, now have their eyes set on diesel elimination, a goal made possible by the advent of new technologies. In the past two years, they’ve made huge strides by replacing diesel tractors with compressed natural gas ones and transitioning to fully electric yard trucks.

“Eliminating diesel is our goal for today, but we’re also looking to the future and our ultimate goal of operating a carbon-free fleet. We’re likely a decade or more away from being able to achieve that goal; the technology just isn’t where it needs to be to do the job we need it to do,” explains Matt Harris, Wegmans sustainability manager for energy and fleet technology. “But that doesn’t mean we just sit back and wait. We’re constantly working with technology providers and trialing new technologies to understand what they can and can’t do, and to be part of the innovation process, helping to ensure the technology is headed in a direction that works for real-world applications.”

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