Frosty Acres Brands Welcomes Cheetah

Alpharetta, GA – Frosty Acres Brands, the national foodservice marketing and purchasing cooperative for independent distributors, announces Cheetah. as the newest member of the cooperative.   

Cheetah brings restaurant supplies and order management into an easy-to-use app to empower restaurateurs to help their businesses thrive. Unlike many traditional foodservice distributors, Cheetah saves restaurant owners and managers time and money with next-day delivery as well as transparent and consistent pricing across Cheetah’s entire customer mix. Launched in 2016 by Na’ama Moran, Christopher Elliott, and Alon Har-Tal, Cheetah is backed by Eclipse, Floodgate, Hanaco, and ICONiQ. The company’s headquarters are in San Francisco, with R&D in Israel, and its centralized procurement team based in the company’s Pleasanton, California, fulfillment center. The company is operating in four markets across the United States.


Frosty Acres Brands is a national marketing and food purchasing cooperative, dedicated to aligning and unifying the sales, marketing, and procurement activities of its Members in order to produce sustainable growth and Member business wealth.  Frosty Acres provides high-quality national brands and private brands, such as Restaurant’s Pride®, to its Members. The Frosty Acres cooperative is comprised of independent food distributors in the U.S., Canada, Cayman Islands, Puerto Rico, and Bermuda. Members of Frosty Acres consist of broadliners, wholesalers, retailers, C-store distributors, system distributors, and center-of-the plate specialists. For more information about Frosty Acres please call 1-800-569-4821, or visit

For more information regarding Cheetah please call 800-571-5231, or visit