Grocery Shopping During COVID-19: How are Consumer Preferences Changing?

The current reality of food shopping has shifted, and grocery stores have stepped up to make item availability, health, and safety a priority for customers. With new information being released every day, consumer preferences are changing by region. This blog focuses on three trends we’ve identified in grocery shopper behavior and a few tips to help stores remain agile.

Trend #1: Grocery pickup orders have increased since the pandemic

In recent years, the evolution of e-commerce has led brands to invest in services that make the shopping experience easier for customers. The grocery industry is no stranger to this movement—many stores rolled out grocery pickup and delivery either internally or through an external partner like Instacart. While shoppers have been slow to take advantage of these services, COVID-19 has piqued their interest.  

Our data found that since the World Health Organization declared a global pandemic on March 11, grocery curbside pickup usage saw a 90% increase, with 19% of respondents using the service since learning about coronavirus and social distancing precautions.

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