Harps Food Stores Enhances Operational Excellence with Inventory Optimization

TAMPA, Fla. — Harps Food Stores, a renowned grocery retail chain, is proud to announce its partnership with Upshop, a leading provider of inventory and replenishment optimization solutions. In a strategic move to elevate operational efficiency and enhance customer satisfaction, Harps has selected Upshop to revolutionize its inventory and replenishment optimization processes. 

As a customer-centric company, Harps Food Stores recognizes the importance of always having the right products available in the right quantities, at the right time, to meet shopper demands. To address this critical need, Harps sought a platform capable of monitoring demand signals, forecasting quantities accurately, generating precise orders, and ensuring optimal product availability. Upshop’s automated replenishment product, Magic™, emerged as the ideal solution to address these challenges when compared to other options. 

Magic™ offers a comprehensive suite of capabilities, enabling Harps to optimize inventory and ordering for both Center store and Fresh departments. By leveraging Upshop’s total store software capabilities, Harps will streamline its merchandising operations, enhance its IT footprint, and consolidate various functions into a single, all-in-one solution spanning the entire store. 

Key benefits for Harps Food Stores include: 
  • Optimized Assortment: Upshop dynamically adjusts the product assortment to align with shopper demand, minimizing on-hand inventory while maximizing sales 
  • Consistent Merchandising Execution: Harps will strive for consistent placement of the right items at the right locations, delivering a superior shopping experience and driving customer loyalty. 
  • Maximized freshness: Optimized inventory and replenishment will extend fresh item shelf life 
  • Simplified workflows: Associates will spend less time writing orders in-store, ideally allocating and reinvesting time to the shopper experience 
David Ganoung, Senior Vice President / Chief Marketing Officer at Harps Food Stores, emphasized the significance of Upshop’s partnership, stating,

“At Harps, we are committed to providing our customers with the freshest and most satisfying shopping experience. Upshop is pivotal in achieving this goal by optimizing our inventory and ensuring that the products our customers want are always available.” 

Shamus Hines, CEO of Upshop, expressed excitement about the collaboration, saying,

“Our platform is designed to deliver more with less – more sales, more margin, with less on-hand inventory and time spent by associates managing orders. We’re proud to support Harps Food Stores in achieving these objectives.” 

About Harps Food Stores 

Harps is a 100% employee-owned company, which operates 147 stores in six states including: Arkansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Mississippi, Louisiana and Kansas. Harps is the largest employee-owned company in the state of Arkansas and was founded by Harvard and Floy Harp in Springdale, Arkansas, in 1930. Since then, the company has grown to employ over 7,200 associates. Visit www.harpsfood.com for additional information and company history.