New Report: Walmart’s Monopolization of Local Grocery Markets

In 43 metropolitan areas and 160 smaller markets, Walmart captures 50 percent or more of grocery sales, our analysis of 2018 spending data found. In 38 of these regions, Walmart’s share of the grocery market is 70 percent or more.

Our findings provide a stark illustration of the failings of contemporary antitrust policy. They also show that more will be required to fix our broken markets than reforms to merger policy.

By some measures, residents of Lawton, Okla., enjoy the kind of variety that befits a metropolitan region of 131,000 people. The community boasts more than 70 public parks. It’s home to three high schools and 18 elementary schools. Its neighborhoods are dotted with dozens of churches, two mosques, and, for non-believers, a secular society.

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