Online Grocery Trends Report – Amazon Wins for Grocery Delivery, Walmart Top Choice for Pickup

Grocery shoppers no longer have to see the inside of a fluorescent-lit supermarket if they don’t want to, thanks to the rapid growth of grocery delivery and pickup services offered by retailers, stores and third-party apps. blog header bag of groceries

Customers can now place orders online or via one of several apps and then have them delivered to their homes — or loaded into their cars in the store’s parking lot. No more roaming the aisles, maneuvering carts or waiting in checkout lines.

While many shoppers have yet to try these services, interest in them is growing, according to Google Trends. In the past year (Feb. 2018 to Feb. 2019), search interest in grocery delivery has roughly doubled, and search interest in grocery pickup has roughly tripled (see graphic below).

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