Picnic Announces Updates to its Automated Pizza Assembly System and Grows Leadership Team with Key Industry Experts

SEATTLE – Seattle-based Picnic™, an innovator of food production technology and Robotics-as-a-Service (RaaS) solutions, announced today updates to its automated pizza assembly system. The company also announced the addition of food industry executives to the company’s leadership team: Kati Fritz-Jung as Chief Food Scientist, Lamont Glendinning as VP of Sales, Don Coyner as Brand Director, and Tim Talda as VP of Engineering who will be joining Picnic from Amazon.

Picnic continues to see an increase in customer demand for its automated pizza assembly system. In less than one year, Picnic has gained notoriety in the food industry as a leading expert in food technology and innovation solutions for the kitchen. Picnic has been working with several high-profile industry brands, who are looking to streamline pizza making so they can focus more on their food, brand, and customer satisfaction.

Interest has also increased around a contact-free, high-hygiene food preparation, due to COVID-19, therefore intensifying customer interest in Picnic’s solutions even further. Throughout this time the team at Picnic has been working closely with these existing customers and potential new customers while making continuous improvements to the design of the system and how it works.

The new improvements to the system include:

  • New design: Our new design maintains the commercial-grade ruggedness of the previous system but is now more aesthetically pleasing so it can be placed in front-of-house. The new design improves upon existing hardware by enhancing ease-of-assembly and reliability.
  • Easier to use and clean: The larger front and top doors make it easier to load ingredients, clean, and service while providing operators better interior visibility to monitor ingredient levels. The system is now easier to breakdown at the end of the day and more parts are dishwasher safe.
  • Improved user interface: The user interface has been optimized for usability with easy-to-use menus and utilities so anyone can operate the system with minimal training. The system also offers improved monitoring and user feedback to let operators know if attention is needed.
  • Better food safety and cleanliness: The new refrigeration and enclosed design ensure all surfaces are maintained at food-safe temperatures. The improved hopper design allows for drainage of extra liquid for better handling of wet and brined ingredients.
  • Improved food handling: We’ve redesigned the food handling system to provide better topping accuracy and to better maintain cleanliness throughout the day.

“We are seeing an increase in enthusiasm for our system and early indications are that the improvements we’ve made resonate with our customers,” said Clayton Wood, CEO of Picnic. “With our success and these improvements, an increasing number of kitchen operators are contacting us with interest in our system.”

The Picnic system uses a modular assembly line with high-capacity sauce, cheese, pepperoni, and granular ingredient dispensers. Picnic software solutions include an intuitive touchscreen interface for ordering pizza. The system is easy to install, requires limited build-out, and has a small footprint that fits easily in most locations. It allows kitchen operators to use their own recipe with precision and consistency while reducing food waste by eliminating overtopping and spillage. The system can make hundreds of pizzas per hour in any shape from 8 to 18 inches with full per pizza customization.

The unique RaaS business model makes it easy for customers to embrace the Picnic system since they incur no upfront costs for installation and with the monthly subscription, they receive free delivery, installation, on-site maintenance, and the security of 24/7 system health monitoring.

For more information and to watch a video of the system in action, visit our website at www.hellopicnic.com.

About Picnic:

Founded in 2016 Picnic (hellopicnic.com), has collected an experienced team of food and technology industry veterans to develop and provide specialized intelligent technology and exclusive solutions for the food service and hospitality industries. Restaurants, convenient and grocery stores, university and corporate campuses, casinos, hotels, cruise lines, sports venues, catering groups, healthcare cafeterias, small kiosks, ghost kitchen operators, mobile food operations, food trucks, delivery and military sites are among the many segments poised to benefit from the company’s automated food assembly platform integrating RaaS, software, cloud and deep learning technology.

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