Wakefern and Simbe to Test Cutting-Edge Store Technology

KEASBEY, N.J. and SAN FRANCISCO — Wakefern Food Corp., the largest retailer-owned cooperative in the U.S., today announced a pilot with Simbe to deploy the retail technology company’s business intelligence solution, Tally, at stores throughout their trading area.

Tally autonomously roams store aisles up to three times per day, leveraging computer vision technology to collect highly accurate shelf data that ensures products are in-stock, in the correct location, and accurately priced on the sales floor. “Wakefern Food Corp. is committed to providing our customers best-in-class grocery shopping experiences,” said Charles J. McWeeney, VP, Technology, Innovation & Strategy at Wakefern Food Corp. “Tally’s technology is another tool to help our store operations and staff while creating new opportunities to maximize customer satisfaction.”

Tally’s AI powered platform is the retail industry’s leading solution for in-store data and inventory insights. Tally does not require any infrastructure changes to the store environment to operate effectively and is thoughtfully designed to operate during normal store hours collaboratively with store teams and safely alongside shoppers. The robot is equipped with a sheath of sensors that enable it to strategically navigate quietly and autonomously across the store without being obtrusive to customers or store teams. Tally’s data gathering technology also frees up time for store associates to work more closely with customers.

“The retail industry is facing a unique and unprecedented set of challenges, and companies must thoughtfully adopt technology to address those challenges while continuing to provide a stellar level of service that customers expect,” said Brad Bogolea, Co-Founder and CEO of Simbe Robotics. “Tally is a cost-effective solution that supports the work of store teams and enhances the retail experience for associates and customers.”

About Wakefern Food Corp.

Founded in 1946, Wakefern Food Corp. comprises nearly 50 member families who today independently own and operate close to 360 supermarkets under the ShopRite, Price Rite Marketplace, The Fresh Grocer, Dearborn Market, Gourmet Garage and Fairway Market banners in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island.

About Simbe Robotics

Simbe Robotics is the global leader in automation solutions that give retailers unprecedented visibility and insight into the state of their store environments, while improving inventory and operational challenges. Simbe is a privately held, venture-backed company headquartered in San Francisco, CA and works with major worldwide retailers and brands across the US, Europe and Asia. For more information, visit www.simberobotics.com or follow the company at @simberobotics.

About Tally™

Tally is the world’s first fully autonomous in-store product auditing solution. Tally works in concert with retail store associates by empowering them with timely information to ensure products are always stocked, in the right place and correctly priced. Using a suite of sensors, the robot operates safely during normal store hours alongside shoppers and employees and doesn’t require any infrastructure changes to the store. Tally’s design is intuitive, friendly, and fits naturally into the retail environment. The robot scans entire stores up to three times per day and autonomously returns to its dock allowing for continuous operation. Combined with Simbe’s cloud-powered software platform, powered by computer vision and machine learning, retailers have unprecedented information and insight into the state of their stores. This information can be used to streamline store performance, maximize customer satisfaction, increase sales, and optimize operational expenditures.