Walmart+ Members Can Now Save More with Walmart Rewards

At Walmart, everything we do is in service of the customer. Sam Walton used to say, “Give customers what they want, and a little more.” This is our ambition with Walmart+ — to offer a suite of benefits and services that are additive for our members. And as the needs of our members evolve, we evolve right alongside them. Because a relentless focus on ‘a little more’ is our path to unlocking exponential value.

We know our customers and members are mindfully managing their budgets these days. That’s why we’re excited to introduce a new member perk that delivers compounding value: Walmart Rewards.

Walmart Rewards is a new and easy way for Walmart+ members to earn additional savings toward future Walmart purchases. Let’s say after a few shopping trips or online orders, a member has accumulated $10 in Walmart Rewards. When they apply those savings at checkout, what was previously a $25 basket now only costs $15.

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