Aquaculture Stewardship Council Launches First Retail & Restaurant Promotion in Atlanta

Local Seafood Purveyors Collaborate With Global Nonprofit for Six-Week “Summer Seafood Series” Promoting Flavorful Fish, Responsible Sourcing

ATLANTA – Atlanta residents are diving into a summer of seafood thanks to a first-of-its kind promotion presented by the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) and Inland Foods.

Launching this week and continuing through July 4, ASC’s “Sea Green. Be Green. Summer Seafood Series” promotion features two iconic Atlanta seafood destinations, Kathleen’s Catch and Atlanta Fishmonger, devoting summer’s early weeks to educating customers about the positive impacts of seafood farming done right. ASC is a global nonprofit leading the world’s strictest certification and labeling program for responsibly farmed seafood, while Georgia-based Inland Foods – an ASC certified company – is a leading supplier of premium food products to restaurants and grocers nationwide. 

The Summer Seafood Series is the latest activation in ASC’s multi-year campaign to build awareness, interest and understanding of the benefits behind ASC’s sea green certification label to shoppers nationwide. Atlanta is the first city in which ASC is holding concurrent promotions with both retail and foodservice operators across the region.

Kathleen’s Catch – the fresh seafood market with two greater Atlanta stores – and Fishmonger – an award-winning restaurant and market with three Atlanta locations – are conducting seafood promotions together with ASC via online and in-store education, seafood specials, new dishes made with premium ASC labeled fish and targeted social media activations. Each destination is spotlighting various certified species that have been raised with care, designated by ASC’s sea green label and distributed by Inland Foods. Species and farms include AVRAMAR branzino, Open Blue cobia, Verlasso salmon and Riverence Provisions trout.

Kathleen’s Catch will debut weekly specials on select certified seafood with the addition of cooking classes, wine pairings and recipe ideas, featuring:

  • May 24-30 and June 14-20: Verlasso salmon
  • May 31 – June 6 and June 21-27: AVRAMAR branzino
  • June 7-13 and Jun 28 – July 4: Riverence Provisions trout

Fishmonger is delighting diners with chef-driven dishes and specials spotlighting AVRAMAR branzino and Open Blue cobia with a unique offer at each of their locations.

ASC and Inland’s Exclusive Preview Dinner Inspires Atlanta Culinary Influencers

ASC and Inland Foods officially kicked off the campaign on May 21 with an invite-only preview reception at Fishmonger’s Howell Mill location. 

The tasting experience gathered over 50 of Atlanta’s top media, social influencers, culinary trendsetters and industry partners to learn more about the Summer Seafood Series promotion and what it means to “Sea Green. Be Green.” 

Seafood lovers dined on a colorful and fresh summer selection of ASC certified and labeled seafood, thoughtfully presented by Fishmonger’s culinary creatives. The multi-course dinner featured 10 dishes, including responsibly farmed whole AVRAMAR branzino butterflied and broiled with leeks au vinaigrette and herb oil, alongside Open Blue cobia ceviche with hibiscus ponzu, radish, chili and pomegranate. 

ASC, Inland Foods, Kathleen’s Catch and AVRAMAR’s leadership teams presented an unusual and exciting overview of how modern day seafood farming, also known as aquaculture, can benefit today’s shoppers in unexpected ways, while unveiling details about the new Summer Seafood Series promotion. Guests’ experiences were enhanced by Open Blue’s 360-view goggles, which offered a virtual “swim” with cobia in the clear waters of Panama.

“Today’s shoppers have questions about where their food comes from, how it was raised and how it got to them,” said Athena Davis, Marketing Manager, ASC North America. “ASC is ready to answer during Atlanta’s Summer Seafood Series. Together with our promotion partners, we’re eager to show responsibly farmed seafood’s journey from ‘farm to fork’ through delicious dishes, summer specials and by raising awareness of how our own seafood choices can make a difference. As our first ever joint retail and restaurant activation sets sail in Atlanta, we acknowledge the importance of community and recognize the hard work of Inland Foods, Kathleen’s Catch and Fishmonger, along with our global farm partners AVRAMAR, Open Blue, Verlasso and Riverence, to ensure certified responsible seafood is an option at all of our tables.”

“Atlanta has become a vibrant and dynamic seafood-loving community thanks to the creativity and forward-thinking of businesses like Kathleen’s Catch, Fishmonger and many other local establishments we’re proud to call our customers. We’re honored to partner with ASC for a Summer Seafood Series that showcases the incredible flavors our city has to offer while making a global impact,” said Joel Knox, Founder and CEO, Inland Foods. “Inland’s mission has always been to prioritize sustainability by providing fresh, healthy food from a supply chain that is transparent, traceable and responsibly sourced. We look forward to educating Atlanta diners and shoppers about what this means and why it matters over the next several months and beyond.”

Following the Summer Seafood Series promotion, ASC returns to Atlanta Sept. 15 – 18 to serve certified seafood pairings of Riverence Provisions trout to 15,000 guests alongside premium wine producers at the Atlanta Food & Wine Festival.

About the Aquaculture Stewardship Council

Responsible seafood starts at the farm. ASC’s sea green label assures shoppers that:

  • The strictest standards are in place to improve farm practices 
  • Seafood in stores actually comes from certified farms 
  • Farms continue to meet the highest standards
  • We are constantly working toward greater sustainability

ASC is the only certification program that can verify your farmed seafood is what it claims to be, where it came from, how it was raised and how it got to you. Learn more at and follow @asc.usa on Instagram.

About Inland Foods

Inland Foods is a premier distributor of exceptional proteins and artisan provisions, proudly serving restaurants and retailers nationwide. Since its establishment in 1977 under the name Inland Seafood, the now employee-owned company has held strong to its commitment to innovation, quality, and customer service, leveraging decades of expertise and industry connections. 

With a focus on sustainability and responsible sourcing, Inland Foods is committed to supporting local communities and protecting the environment for future generations. Through partnerships with trusted suppliers and rigorous quality control measures, the company delivers peace of mind along with exceptional products. 

In addition to its diverse inventory of fresh, frozen, smoked, and specialty seafood items, Inland also offers a complete line of non-aquatic gourmet specialty foods, including antibiotic and hormone-free meats, game, and poultry, as well as cheeses, oils, locally sourced seasonal produce, and so much more. 

For more information about Inland Foods and its premium offerings, please visit or look for Inland Foods on LinkedIn and Instagram.