Aruna Indonesia Announces Partnership with U.S. Processor North Coast Seafoods to Vertically Integrate Blue Swimming Crabmeat from “Trap to Table”

Boston, MA North Coast Seafoods, a leading seafood processor and distributor based in Boston, Massachusetts, is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Aruna, an emerging Indonesian seafood harvesting, processing, and technology company.

This collaboration aims to vertically integrate crabmeat from trap to table by combining seafood expertise, sustainability, and supply chain innovation.

Key Highlights of the Partnership:

  1. Global Reach and Industry Expertise:
    • North Coast Seafoods brings 67+ years of experience in seafood sourcing, processing, and distribution. Their established food service and retail partner network provides a seamless flow of high-quality seafood to end users.
    • Aruna’s deep understanding of Indonesian waters and local fishing communities, paired with their expansive network of partner fishermen and 150+ facilities across the Indonesian islands, solidifies North Coast Seafoods’ depth of crab meat supply.
    • Aruna’s commitment to superior quality standards alongside environmentally sustainable and ethical practices align perfectly with North Coast’s anchored commitments.
  2. Sustainable Practices:
    • Both companies share a passion for environmental stewardship. By collaborating, they aim to promote and reward responsible fishing practices, reduce waste, and protect marine ecosystems through sustainability initiatives such as FIPs.
    • Aruna’s innovative technology, including real-time traceability solutions, will enhance visibility and reliability throughout the supply chain. Consumers can now trace their seafood back to its source, ensuring product integrity, transparency, and sustainability.
  3. Cutting-Edge Technology:
    • Aruna’s proprietary platform connects fishermen directly to buyers, streamlining the procurement process. This digital marketplace empowers local fishermen, improves livelihoods, and ensures fair trade practices and prices.
    • North Coast Seafoods will leverage Aruna’s technology to enhance efficiency, traceability, and quality control. The integration of data-driven insights will optimize operations and benefit customers.
  4. Product Diversification:
    • This partnership opens doors to new product offerings. North Coast Seafoods will introduce Indonesian specialties to its portfolio, while Aruna similarly gains access to North Coast’s existing product lines.
  5. Cultural Exchange:
    • North Coast Seafoods and Aruna recognize the value of cultural exchange. Employees from both companies will participate in knowledge-sharing programs, fostering mutual understanding and economic growth.

Quotes from Leadership:

Fred Hochberger, Crabmeat Resource Manager North Coast Seafoods:

“Our partnership with Aruna represents another milestone in our commitment to sustainable seafood. Together, we’ll vertically integrate premium products from Indonesia and create a dependable supply having a positive economic and social impact.”

Mr. Farid Naufal Aslam, Co-Founder and CEO of Aruna:

“We’re excited to collaborate with North Coast Seafoods. Our shared vision of a thriving seafood industry, supported by technology and ethical practices, will benefit consumers, fishermen, and the environment.”

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About Aruna: Aruna is revolutionizing the seafood supply chain through its digital platform. By empowering fishermen, promoting fair trade, and ensuring traceability, Aruna aims to create a better future for all who harvest, process, and distribute seafood.