ASC Appoints Ally Dingwall as Senior Director of Technical Operations

The ASC has appointed Ally Dingwall as Senior Director of Technical Operations, a new role providing leadership and coordination to ASC’s standard systems and certification assurance processes.

Ally joins ASC from Sainsbury’s UK with decades of seafood industry experience, including as a member of ASC’s Supervisory Board for the last three years where he has been closely involved in new developments such as the ASC Feed Standard. His previous role was as Sainsbury’s Aquaculture and Fisheries Manager.

Industry experience

Ally said: “Working to expand and improve Sainsbury’s commitment to responsible seafood involved a lot of close work with ASC, whose standards are trusted and respected across the industry. On top of that I’ve been able to see how ASC works from the inside as a board member, and I was impressed by what I saw.

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