Blumar Farms Achieve Certification by Aquaculture Stewardship Council

MIAMI, FL – Chilean salmon producer Blumar, one of the two partners at BluGlacier, earned Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) certification for responsible fish farming at three of its sites in the country’s Magallanes region. This enables the company to supply 17,000 metric tons of ASC certified salmon to global customers during 2020.

“This is a major milestone for Blumar, as it allows our company to offer a regular supply of ASC-certified Atlantic salmon from now on,” said Sebastian Goycoolea, CEO of BluGlacier. “This achievement reflects our commitment to transparency and continuous improvement and is the result of the dedication of our teams, that have incorporated sustainability into the company’s culture.”

ASC is a strict and renowned certification program for seafood farmed in a socially and environmental responsible way. The ASC standard evaluates the environmental performance of each farm alongside the sustainability policy and practices of the company with great focus on its relationship with stakeholders.

Blumar achieved ASC status after five months of rigorous and successful auditing of its farms in the Magallanes region. The certification requires compliance with or demonstration of progress toward more than 150 different indicators. ASC recognized Blumar’s ability to tackle key issues such as reducing antibiotic and chemical use through improved area-based management and exploring non-pharmacological alternatives to tackle disease outbreaks and sea lice. Moreover, Blumar has committed to secure long-term sources of responsibly produced feeds, collaborate with scientists to investigate the risks of establishment of non-native species under production, and consider special measures to protect areas with a high conservation value.

100 percent of Blumar’s salmon production from the Magallanes region is expected to reach this standard during the second half of this year, once two additional farms complete their assessment. Additionally, five farms from their traditional farming regions, Los Lagos and Aysen, are either certified or under assessment. BluGlacier’s goal is to offer most of its salmon from ASC-certified farms, including those from its other partner Ventisqueros. Together they form two of Chile’s most respected and experienced salmon producers, producing about 100,000 metric tons of salmon each year.

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About BluGlacier:

BluGlacier LLC is the jointly owned North American sales office for Salmones Blumar SA and Ventisqueros SA, two of Chile’s most respected and experienced salmon producers. Both companies own all aspects of their salmon production, including freshwater hatcheries, saltwater farms and primary and secondary processing facilities. BluGlacier, one of the three largest Chilean salmon importers to the U.S. by volume, is recognized for delivering high quality products and creating strong supply partnerships with customers. For more information, visit