Cooke Encourages Nova Scotia Government to Move Forward on Aquaculture Development

BRIDGEWATER, NS – Kelly Cove Salmon Ltd., the Atlantic Canadian salmon farming division of family-owned Cooke Aquaculture Inc. has received the aquaculture regulations review report and recommendations released Friday by The Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture. We appreciate the time and advice contributed by the members of the Nova Scotia Aquaculture Regulatory Advisory Committee (NSARAC) throughout the process.

Cooke has been responsibly operating Atlantic salmon farm sites for 25 years along Nova Scotia’s Southern and Western shores. The renewal procedure for our existing marine aquaculture licenses and leases includes both technical and biological performance assessments. Finfish aquaculture and the lobster fishery have co-existed in Nova Scotia and across Atlantic Canada for decades under the existing environmental compliance criteria.

There has been very modest aquaculture growth in Nova Scotia for several years, yet the demand from families for fresh, nutritious, affordable food has risen dramatically. In our view, there are only a handful of Nova Scotia locations with marine conditions suitable for finfish farming, so expansion of sites will be reasonable and adhere to the strict Aquaculture Regulations and Environmental Monitoring Program Framework.

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