Fortune, American Seafoods is Offering Three Wild Alaska Pollock Products

Picture this: Cool, pristine waters as blue as the sky, surrounded by ice-capped mountains, stretching hundreds of thousands of miles beyond sight.

That’s the year-round setting for hardworking fishing crews in the Bering Sea, off the coast of Alaska – and it’s the setting of this week’s blog takeover!

We are American Seafoods, the world’s largest at-sea processor of Wild Alaska Pollock. With Fortune, we are launching brand new Wild Alaska Pollock products available to you now. We’re excited to share the story of our catch with you and grateful for this opportunity.

So let’s talk pollock. It’s a firm, mild white fish that many seafood lovers eat without realizing it. We want our customers to know they’re eating Wild Alaska Pollock – and to enjoy more of it!

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