Meet American Seafoods’ Chief Sustainability Officer

American Seafoods is proud to welcome Tim Fitzgerald as our first Chief Sustainability Officer. In addition to continuing to drive our existing environmental sustainability and social responsibility portfolio, he will also help shape ambitious new climate and public affairs initiatives.

Prior to joining American Seafoods, Fitzgerald worked for nearly two decades at Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), a leading international conservation organization, where he led their work with investors, multilateral institutions, and the seafood industry to improve the sustainability of global fisheries and aquaculture industries. While at EDF, he served on the boards of the California Fisheries Fund, Ecofish LLC and GulfWild, and was an advisor to Fair Trade USA, Seafood Watch and the Conservation Alliance for Seafood Solutions.

“I’ve dedicated my career to making our ocean healthier and more resilient, while also helping people and businesses make smart seafood choices that benefit both them and the environment,” said Fitzgerald. “Wild, sustainable seafood is essential to feeding the world, and doing it in a way that protects the ocean and combats climate change has always been my passion. I look forward to building on the strong foundation American Seafoods has already established and helping to chart a course toward an even more sustainable future.”

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