Gulf Seafood Foundation Member Prestige Oysters First to Enter MSC Assessment

The first oyster fishery in the United States has entered the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) fisheries standard assessment. Prestige Oysters of San Leon, Texas has entered full assessment for oysters harvested in Texas and Louisiana. If granted, it would be the only oyster fishery certified in the Americas.

The assessment involves a rigorous independent, third party process by the accredited certification body, MRAG Americas. The fishery is scored on three core principles: health of the target stock; impacts on marine environment; and fishery management.

“Sustainable seafood certifications are now permanently woven into the global seafood supply chain,”  John Fiorillo, executive editor of told Gulf Seafood News. ‘”The majority of major retail and food service buyers have sourcing policies now that mandate the purchase of certified seafood. While not every product carrying the Marine Stewardship Council’s eco-label commands a price premium in the market, there is plenty of evidence to show that the eco-label does indeed open market access for a wide array of MSC-certified products.”

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