Handy Seafood Incorporated Celebrates 125 Years In 2019

SALISBURY, MD. – Handy Seafood Incorporated celebrates a milestone achievement this year. Handy, the oldest seafood processing company in the United States, is also the first to reach 125-years-old. “Handy Seafood continues to be the innovator in the crab and seafood industry, and is recognized worldwide for its trusted seafood, which has remained constant for its entire 125 years,” said Todd Conway, CEO at Handy Seafood. “We couldn’t be happier to celebrate our family tradition of great tasting, unique and convenient seafood with our friends and customers who have made this outstanding achievement possible,” said Conway.

Handy, headquartered in Salisbury, Md., first opened in 1894 on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, a bountiful and beautiful 170-mile-long peninsula nestled between the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean—the center of some of the world’s most authentic seafood. Over the last century and a quarter, it has grown to become the accepted worldwide leader.

Today, there are 14 Handy operations in six nations, including the original plant in Crisfield, Maryland, processing soft shell crabs, pasteurized crab meat, crab cakes, oysters, and specialty seafood products. The company focuses on ease of preparation, quality, great flavor and the use of all natural, preservative free ingredients.

Handy is also proud to be a 2009 founding member of the NFI Crab Council, which works with members of the blue swimming crab industry to instill sustainable practices through education, policy and advocacy. The company is also a staunch supporter of restoring vital habitat for crab and oyster populations.

Handy plans to officially celebrate its 125th anniversary in September. This event will be open to Handy employees, watermen, and customers. In May, Handy will launch a 125th Anniversary Crisfield Collection that features domestic crab cakes, oysters and soft shell crabs available for purchase on handyseafoodstore.com.

When asked for their company’s secret, the Conway family will tell you there is none. “It’s easy to develop the highest degree of trust with your friends and customers when you deliver on a Handy history of consistently doing it right or not at all. Simply staying true to our roots has worked incredibly well for us for 125 years now,” said Todd Conway. “We’ve been trusted since 1894. Our seafood is fresh, delicious, authentic and good for you, and that’s what keeps bringing people back.”

Anyone interested in learning more about the exciting seafood innovations happening at Handy Seafood or to learn more about the company’s celebration of 125 years, may visit their website at http://www.handyseafood.com or call them at 410-912-2000 or 800-426-3977.


Handy Seafood is a family-owned company with 125 years of quality seafood processing. Products include soft shell crabs, crab meat, crab cakes, seafood specialty items, oysters and artisanal fish. http://www.handyseafood.com