King Crab Wins First Mock Ranked Choice Voting General Election

The results are in for the Division of Election’s (DOE) first mock Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) General Election. With 51% of the votes, King Crab has been named the Best Seafood in Alaska. In an RCV election, ballots are counted in rounds until a candidate reaches amajority (50% + 1) of votes and is declared the winner. The mock elections are part of the division’s RCV Voter Education Campaign to help voters practice and understand how top four primary and RCVelections work.

Round-by-Round Explanation – Majority = 354 votes out of 706 to Win

Round 1: King Crab – 295 votes, King Salmon – 282 votes, Scallops – 77 votes, and Pollock – 51 votes. No candidate had a majority. Because Pollock received the least amount of votes, it was eliminated. Pollock’s ballots were then counted for the next ranked choice on each which gave 11 to King Crab, 16to Scallops, and 9 to King Salmon.

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