Nova Scotia Lobster Fishery Temporary Shutdown Proposed by Buyers for LFAS 33 and 34 Due to ‘Collapse’ of Markets

YARMOUTH, N.S. — The Nova Scotia Seafood Alliance is proposing the lobster fishery in Lobster Fishing Areas (LFA) 33 and 34 be shut down immediately on a temporary basis due to the collapse in the marketplace because of COVID-19.

“I am trying to connect with the fishing organizations and DFO to see if we can meet to discuss the current situation and work together on a possible solution,” said Alliance executive director Leo Muise on Friday morning, March 13. “Nothing set up yet.”

LFA 33 spans the province’s south shore. LFA 34 takes in southwest Nova Scotia. These two LFAs make up the province’s largest lobster fishery, and also the largest lobster fishery in the country.

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