Scientists See Long-Term Hope for Maine’s Lobster Fishery Despite Warming Waters

Dire predictions about the effects of global warming on Maine’s lobster population may be exaggerated and underestimate the potential that conservation measures have to preserve the fishery into the future.

Commercial Lobster Fishery Wraps Up in Southwestern Nova Scotia

The six-month season closed on May 31 with boatloads of lobster fishing gear coming ashore in the final days of the season at wharves throughout Lobster Fishing Areas (LFA) 33 and 34.

Commerce Secretary Asked to Reject Lobster Fishery Closure

August 20, 2021 Susan Farley, WFVX Bangor

Maine’s congressional delegation is calling on the U.S. secretary of commerce to reject a petition calling for seasonal closures in parts of Maine’s lobster fishing industry.

Clearwater Casting Aside Eco-Certification for Offshore Lobster Fishery

December 7, 2020 Paul Withers, CBC News

Clearwater Seafoods is dropping Marine Stewardship Council certification for its Canadian offshore lobster fishery, calling it “a voluntary decision driven by business considerations.”

Maine Lobster Business Salvaged Its Summer Despite Pandemic

Maine’s lobster fishermen braced for a difficult summer this year because of the coronavirus pandemic, but then the unexpected happened. They kept catching lobsters, and people kept buying them.