Maine Lobster Business Salvaged Its Summer Despite Pandemic

Maine’s lobster fishermen braced for a difficult summer this year because of the coronavirus pandemic, but then the unexpected happened. They kept catching lobsters, and people kept buying them.

Florida Keys Leaders Want Restaurants to Close a Bit Early During Lobster Miniseason

When lobster “miniseason” rolls around at the end of the month, Monroe County leaders plan to have a nightly curfew for restaurants from 11 p.m. to 5 a.m. in an effort to stop the spread of COVID-19 in the Florida Keys.

Most P.E.I. Lobster Fishermen Want Spring Season to Go Ahead Despite COVID-19, Survey Suggests

April 16, 2020 Steve Bruce, CBC News

Most of the lobster fishermen on P.E.I. who answered a recent survey say they want the spring season to go ahead despite the COVID-19 pandemic, though not on April 30 when the season traditionally begins.

Judge Rules Lobster Fishing Impact on Right Whales Needs Study

April 14, 2020 MaineBiz

A judge has ruled that federal fishery managers haven’t fully analyzed the impact of lobster fishing on endangered North Atlantic right whales.

Nova Scotia Lobster Fishery Temporary Shutdown Proposed by Buyers for LFAS 33 and 34 Due to ‘Collapse’ of Markets

The Nova Scotia Seafood Alliance is proposing the lobster fishery in Lobster Fishing Areas (LFA) 33 and 34 be shut down immediately on a temporary basis due to the collapse in the marketplace because of COVID-19.