‘Plug-and-Play’ Shrimp Farm Inventor Out to Prove that Shrimpbox is More than Just a Neat Idea

By turning shipping containers into AI-enabled, biofloc-based shrimp farms, Atarraya aims to bring shrimp farming closer to market

In 2019, Mexico City entrepreneur Daniel Russek was brainstorming on how to grow shrimp sustainably closer to top markets. The solution he came up with, the Shrimpbox, has just been named one of the best inventions of the year by TIME Magazine, and it may well be a game-changer for shrimp aquaculture.

Shrimpbox is a 40-foot-long cargo container containing a shrimp farm in an AI-powered, automated system where everything can be operated remotely. Shrimp can be fed and water quality can be monitored at the touch of a button, and each container can produce up to 1.5 metric tons of shrimp annually. Located on land, the Shrimpbox uses a zero-discharge biofloc system, which means it has no adverse environmental impacts. Russek says an ROI comparable to the Shrimpbox would require two farm acres using traditional shrimp farming techniques.

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