Prime Shrimp Adds New Orleans Style BBQ Flavor to Line of Frozen Sauced Shrimp

NEW ORLEANS — Prime Shrimp announces the launch of the newest flavor in its growing collection of flavored frozen shrimp: New Orleans Style BBQ. This product launch reinforces the brand’s commitment to upscaling convenience food with a gourmet mindset. By combining easy cooking methods, sustainable sourcing, and bold flavor profiles, the Prime Shrimp seeks to popularize at-home shrimp consumption for individuals and families across the United States.

Far from a traditional Texas or Kansas City barbeque, BBQ shrimp combines the tang of lemon butter and Worcestershire sauce with the spice of black pepper and chili flakes. Available online and at select grocery stores across Texas and Louisiana, this easy-to-make protein packs a flavor as unique as the city of New Orleans itself.

Widely considered to have been invented at local restaurant Pascal’s Manale in the mid-1950s, BBQ shrimp is now ubiquitous in New Orleans’ culinary scene, regularly referenced as one of the city’s most iconic dishes. With this new flavor from Prime Shrimp, along with the brand’s “Signature Cajun” and “Louisiana Boil” flavors, fans of the New Orleans cuisine can revisit their favorite Creole and Cajun flavors at home, any time.

Although shrimp dominates the list of America’s seafood preferences, Americans eat an average of 5 pounds of shrimp per capita annually — about 90% less than beef products. For many, the mismatch can be attributed to a lack of familiarity with buying and cooking seafood at home. Prime Shrimp’s boil-in-bag cooking method eliminates the mess and the guesswork, so any consumer can make home-cooked, restaurant-quality shrimp in less than 10 minutes.

“The flavors of New Orleans tell a story about our city’s unique culture,” said Matt Rosenthal, Commercial Manager at Prime Shrimp. “Adding this flavor to our line of sauced shrimp products reflects our love of the city where we began and our desire to share some of its story. The tangy, buttery flavor of New Orleans BBQ is the perfect addition to round out our three local flavor highlights, and we hope they allow customers everywhere to have a glimpse into New Orleans’ culinary traditions.”

All Prime Shrimp is sustainably sourced and antibiotic-free. It is peeled, deveined, and packaged in the United States. “New Orleans Style BBQ” is available in half-pound packages — each containing two servings — sold online and at select stores across the Southeastern United States for a suggested retail price of $9.99.

Looking for recipe inspiration? Prime Shrimp’s dedicated test kitchen recommends adding New Orleans Style BBQ Shrimp to a French bread roll for a classic po boy or serving overtop creamy grits for a southern comfort dish, but the possibilities are truly endless!

About Prime Shrimp

Prime Shrimp makes restaurant-quality seafood accessible at home. Headquartered in New Orleans, Prime Shrimp was created by the original shrimp experts: the foremost inventors in shrimp peeling technology. We’ve combined three generations in the shrimp game with easy cooking methods, sustainable sourcing, and world-class flavors, so food lovers everywhere can add delicious, clean seafood to any meal. In an era when increasingly fast-paced lifestyles mean less time for home-cooked meals, Prime Shrimp upscales convenience food, so even busy and beginner home chefs can eat gourmet any day of the week.