Seafood Expo Global/Seafood Processing Global Highlights The Latest Products and Most Innovative Solutions From the Seafood Industry

Barcelona, Spain – The world’s largest trade fair for the seafood industry, Seafood Expo Global/Seafood Processing Global, organized by Diversified Communications, is taking place from 25 April to 27 April in Barcelona and represents the largest edition ever held in the history of the Expo. The 29th edition will host suppliers of seafood, equipment and services from around the globe who will showcase their newest products to buyers and industry professionals looking for the innovations and trends.

Over the next three days, Seafood Expo Global/Seafood Processing Global will be the one-stop shop to find seafood products for the hospitality and retail industries and discover the current trends in processing and packaging equipment, quality control, food safety and hygiene services. New products featured are designed to offer consumers new eating experiences, provide better quality and more variety, extend shelf-life, and respond to the changing market demands for more sustainable, healthier, ready-to-eat products. 

This evening, at 18:15, the event will hold the reception for the prestigious annual Seafood Excellence Global Awards, which recognize the best seafood products of the year represented at the Expo. There were 77 products submitted for the Awards competition, and 39 finalists from 16 countries were selected. The winners of the best products will be unveiled during the reception.

Latest seafood product trends

Quality – Consumers are demanding higher quality seafood products and are willing to pay more for them. 

Innovation and new flavors – Producers recognize that consumers are also looking for value and variety. To meet that demand, new flavors and innovative flavor combinations are being developed. For example, smoked and cured salmon products with more intense smoking processes and the addition of stronger flavors such as licorice, hard cheese and pine nuts, and gin.

Asian flavors more popular – Flavors from Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia and Japan are prevalent among the products submitted in the Awards competition, continuing the long tradition of product inspiration from these cultures and cuisines. 

Hotter and spicier products – Several product entries have high spice profile to meet the growing consumer demand for hotter and hotter spice. For example, Singapore-style Chili Crab, Katsu Fish with curry seasoning, Flaming Trio Squid Tenders, and Cheesy-Chili Fish Jerky. 

Street food – Products that are easy to prepare and allow consumers to create a street food or casual dining experience at home. Salmon kebab, xiao long bao shrimp dumplings, and a salmon burgers kit that includes all the ingredients are some examples. 

Highlighted Products

Smoked European eel in a soy-ginger sauce
Finalist Seafood Excellence Global Awards
ICECO Fish (Lithuania) 
Stand 2F103

ZIGMAS hot smoked European eel is smoked naturally using beechwood chips, then flavored with soy-ginger sauce and topped with sesame seeds for an Asian flavor. This rare and exclusive fish is sustainably farmed in Holland. The product can be eaten alone, as a snack, or as a dish with condiments.

Bon Bon Breaded Fish Bites
Finalist Seafood Excellence Global Awards
Vičiūnai Group (Spain)
Stand 3A401
Colorful fish bites that provide a good source of vitamins and protein. Natural breading made with spinach, beetroot, and carrot gives a crispy texture and creates a colorful wave on the plate. BON BON can be served as a tasty snack for friends or lunch dish for the family, providing a supplemental dose of various vitamins. 

Multi-fresh film packaging 
Stand 3DD601

MultiFresh™ is a process for the manufacture of high-quality film packaging. The films are highly transparent and can be used for packaging a wide range of products. MultiFresh™ packs wrap around the product like a second skin. The top film is glued to the product but not squeezed, without changing its shape. In this way, even products with sharp or hard components such as bones, bones, spices, etc., can be securely wrapped. Once placed around the product, the top and bottom sheets are sealed over the entire surface of the product.

Next-gen filleting machines
Stand 3DD401

The MS 2750 is new to the market and has been designed for flexibility and durability. Its modular configuration improves performance. The open heavy-duty frame structure secures stability and cleanability so that processing lines can work at full capacity. 

Maize and coconut battered shrimp 
Finalist Seafood Excellence Global Awards
Fisher Farms (Philippines)
Stand 3K601

Crispy pan-fried corn and coconut-breaded shrimp, made from sustainably and responsibly raised shrimp. The breading combines the sweet, buttery flavors of corn and the nutty and woody flavors of coconut and the shrimp is hand-coated with real corn and coconut flakes.

High performance filleting machine
Stand 3JJ601

The BAADER 589 filleting solution offers the most flexible workflow with highest yield and outstanding fillet quality. It has been specially designed for seabass and significantly reduces subsequent trim work downstream. The fillets have an outstanding quality with highest yield – no flankbones are left. 

Lachs Chips / Salmon kebab 
Finalist Seafood Excellence Global Awards
Hätälä Oy (Finland)
Stand 2A401

Street food in a healthier way. This innovative product is an easy-to-use fish delicacy that contains healthy omega-3 fatty acids and plenty of protein as well as the rich, spicy taste and pleasant structure of a genuine meat kebab. The Salmon Kebab is ready to eat after heating and can be used in favorite kebab dishes with salad, French fries or rice, inside pita bread, or even in a casserole. 

Cod ‘migas’
Finalist Seafood Excellence Global Awards
Nueva Pescanova Group (Spain)
Stand 3F601

Cod “Migas” are prepared from the best codfish, in shredded format. They offer the traditional flavor of codfish, already skinless, boneless and salted, so it is ready to cook for a variety of traditional Portuguese recipes.

Næra™ Fish Jerky – Crunch-Cheesy Chili
Finalist Seafood Excellence Global Awards
Næra (Iceland)
Stand 3B201

Dried fish known as “Harðfiskur,” a.k.a. hard fish, is a traditional Icelandic snack and Viking super-food. Full of protein and omega-3s, Næra™ Fish Snacks are an innovative, crunchy, fun way to enjoy authentic sustainable Icelandic seafood. It is made with wild-caught, sustainably harvested Icelandic haddock and 100% renewable energy. The snacks are flavored with all-natural Icelandic butter and cheese and a fun, not too spicy Nordic chili seasoning.

Table-top fish skinner
Stand 3BB601

New generation of table-top fish skinners designed for better hygiene, ergonomics design, user-friendliness, safety and ease of maintenance. Star roller cleaning system that has many advantages when peeling hard-skinned fish, like skate and skate wings.

100% carbon neutral salmon 
Finalist Seafood Excellence Global Awards
Multi X (Chile)
Stand 3I401

This product is the only Carbon Neutral (CarbonNeutral®) certified salmon on the market. Frozen skin-on Atlantic salmon fillets are individually vacuum sealed and packed in a 10 kg recyclable carton. Carbon Neutral certification gives the buyer the opportunity to be part of a long-term strategy to protect the climate by balancing emissions and reducing the carbon footprint globally.

Thai Green Curry mussel soup 
Finalist Seafood Excellence Global Awards
Vilsund Blue A/S (Denmark)
Stand 2D201

A new convenience product, Thai Green Curry mussel soup, makes it easier for consumers to a make a delicious meal in no time. Just add cream, heat and it is ready to serve. 

Surimi octopus chunks 
Finalist Seafood Excellence Global Awards
Vičiūnai Group (Spain)

Surimi octopus chunks offer color, texture, and taste that resembles real octopus. Easy to prepare, they are the perfect idea for a quick dinner. The product is high in protein and is made with MSC-certified surimi with natural coloring and without flavor enhancers.
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