Seafood Industry Research Fund Announces the Ed Morey Memorial Fund

Washington, D.C. – The Seafood Industry Research Fund (SIRF) Board of Directors has unanimously approved the formation of the Ed Morey, Founder, Morey’s Fish Company, Memorial Fund.

Ed Morey founded Morey’s Fish Company in 1937. Ed was a logger, farmer and baker who traded a load of sweetcorn for a load of seafood from a fisherman whose truck broke down in Ed’s hometown of Motley, Minnesota. As they say, the rest is history. In 1964, Morey’s became a true family business when Ed’s son, Loren, joined the operation. With Ed and Loren’s leadership, the business continued to expand and today Morey’s frozen and smoked fish and seafood can be found in retail stores and on dinner tables across the U.S.

Loren Morey served as the National Fisheries Institute (NFI) Chairman in 1985 and remained active in guiding NFI for many years. Loren chose to name it solely after his father, but with this new fund SIRF hopes to acknowledge the contributions of both Ed and Loren Morey and all they have done for NFI, SIRF, families in Motley, Minnesota, and the seafood industry broadly.

“Ed Morey’s history is a fascinating tale of hard work, innovation, and foresight,” said SIRF Chairman, Sean O’Scannlain, President and CEO of Fortune International. “Ed put seafood on the Midwest map, paving the way for companies like mine, also based far from any U.S. coastline.”

Loren generously donated $60,000 to the fund, and SIRF has already received interest from others to support the fund as well.

“Loren, like his father so often did, is looking to the future with a fund that will benefit the seafood community for years to come. Their generosity is a testament to the company and the family,” said O’Scannlain.

SIRF started as the Lewis Goldstein Memorial Fund in 1964, grew into the Fisheries Scholarship Fund during the 1980s and became the Seafood Industry Research Fund in 2012. 56 years and more than 50 funds later, this important research support mechanism is proud to welcome the Ed Morey Memorial Fund.

To find out how you can contribute, please email Geraldine Espejo