What’s Coming up During American Flowers Week

June 29, 2020 Slow Flowers

For the sixth annual American Flowers Week, we have all sorts of free programming to share with you. Here’s a quick recap of what’s to come, beginning with Day One, Sunday, June 28th. Check the Calendar Tab in the menu above, and follow #americanflowersweek for more news and inspiration in real time!

2020 American Flowers Week Artwork by Tamara Hough

November 6, 2019 Slow Flowers Society

It’s time to unveil our American Flowers Week Branding
by flower farmer and botanical artist Tamara Hough.

Red, White & Bloom: Flowers Fill the Stage at SWGMC

The fifth annual American Flowers Week celebration kicks off today, June 28th and runs through July 4th. You’re invited to join the party and share your beautiful flowers — local, seasonal and grown close to home.