French Cheese Traditionalists Win Latest Round of 12-Year Camembert Battle

February 6, 2020 The Local

A long-running battle over the future of France’s most famous cheese came to a head on Friday with a victory for traditionalists.

How Traditional French Camembert is Made Using Raw Milk

November 8, 2019 Claudia Romeo, Insider

To be called Camembert, a cheese has to weigh at least 250 grams, be 10 centimeters in diameter, and have about 22% fat content.

This Fungus Mutates. That’s Good News if You Like Cheese

American scientists set out to simulate a fungus’s evolution into the edible mold that makes French cheeses like Camembert.

Cheese Fans Raise a Stink Over Plans for Pasteurized Camembert

Few foods are more emblematic of France than the pungent white pucks of camembert. But camembert lovers and producers are currently embroiled in a conflict over what constitutes the real thing.

Camembert Causes Stink in French Parliament in Row Over Quality Rules

March 18, 2019 Lucien Libert, Reuters

A row over changes to a quality label for camembert cheese reached the French parliament on Wednesday as supporters of a traditional raw-milk recipe distributed samples of the creamy, odorous speciality to lawmakers.