Conservation Group Says Regulatory Gaps in Canadian Seafood Supply Chain Pose Threat

An ocean conservation organization says Canada’s “poorly regulated” seafood supply chain has hampered the fisheries sector and put ocean health in jeopardy.

Susan Beaton: Our Markets Gone, Call Fishing Season Off

“As a lobster fisher in the Gulf for 20 years, I have no interest in staying ashore, but I doubly have no interest in being a canary in the coal mine to test the theory that fishermen/women will fish, no matter the cost. We shouldn’t be put in the position of having to go to sea when there is no reasonable chance we can succeed. ”

Quebec Agriculture Minister Concerned as American Officials Push For Ban on Canadian Seafood Imports

January 20, 2020 Spencer Van Dyk, CBC News

Some American senators and members of Congress claim Canadian shipping and fishing activities are harming endangered North American right whales, and they’re calling on the White House to place an embargo on Canadian seafood.

Canada-China Spat Could Sink Seafood Exports, Experts Say

Alantic Canadian seafood exports could be the next target in growing trade tensions between Canada and China, something experts say would deal a huge blow to the industry.