Decline in Chesapeake Crab population Sparks Hunt for Answers

It’s been a lean season for crabbers and crab lovers alike, with the Chesapeake Bay’s popular crustaceans at their lowest level in more than 30 years.

Maryland Sets First-Ever Limits on Harvest of Male Chesapeake Blue Crabs

July 11, 2022 Neal Augenstein, WTOP

Maryland Department of Natural Resources announced that starting in July, commercial watermen will be limited to at most 15 bushels a day of male crabs in August and September.

Blue Crab Population In Chesapeake Bay Hits Record Low

The number of blue crabs in the Chesapeake Bay hit a record low, marking the lowest count in more than three decades of tracking the crustaceans, experts said.

Seafood Wholesaler J.J. McDonnell Harvests Invasive Blue Catfish to Help Chesapeake Bay

J.J. McDonnell is trying to raise awareness and sales to get as many blue catfish out of the bay and onto plates.

Crab Population is not Being Overfished According to Blue Crab Report Released by Chesapeake Bay Program

July 12, 2021 CBS Baltimore

The Chesapeake Bay Program released the 2021 Blue Crab Advisory Report and it found that the blue crab population is not being overfished and is not depleted. The numbers may be down, but the population remains healthy.