Seafood Wholesaler J.J. McDonnell Harvests Invasive Blue Catfish to Help Chesapeake Bay

J.J. McDonnell is trying to raise awareness and sales to get as many blue catfish out of the bay and onto plates.

Crab Population is not Being Overfished According to Blue Crab Report Released by Chesapeake Bay Program

July 12, 2021 CBS Baltimore

The Chesapeake Bay Program released the 2021 Blue Crab Advisory Report and it found that the blue crab population is not being overfished and is not depleted. The numbers may be down, but the population remains healthy.

Virginia’s Oyster Industry Squeaks Through The Pandemic

Virginia’s oyster industry, the largest on the East Coast, has survived the pandemic, but growers and producers throughout the commonwealth’s eight oyster regions are still facing a long road to recovery, industry representatives said.

Oyster Aquaculture Partnership Offers New Funding For Chesapeake Watermen

The Virginia Institute of Marine Science has again partnered with USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) to help support ongoing efforts to restore oyster beds on private shellfish grounds in the state’s portion of the Chesapeake Bay.

Debate Swirls Over Possible Chesapeake Oyster Harvest Regulation

Oyster farmers and watermen have been at odds over a regulation that could make it more difficult for oyster farming operations such as Petty’s Hollywood Oyster Company to get started.