Chilean Citrus Meets Increased Market Demand with Strong Volumes

The Chilean Citrus industry is forecasting export volume of 347,000 tons across all categories, which represents a 4% increase over 2019.

First West Coast Chilean Fruit Vessel of the Season arrives at the Port of Los Angeles

After a 12-day journey from Chile, the first West Coast break bulk vessel of the season, Ice River, arrived to the Port of Los Angeles on Thursday, January 9. The ship unloaded 4,500 pallets of fresh grapes, cherries, peaches, nectarines, plums and blueberries that will be hitting retail shelves this week.

Chilean Fresh Fruit Association’s “Super Fruit Bowl” Campaign Offers Chance to Win Tickets to the Big Game

The program invites consumers to discover the wide range of fresh fruits available from Chile during the winter months and offers them a chance to win tickets to the Big Game in Miami, Fl.

Chilean Kiwifruit Season Heats up with Steady Stream of Promotions

The first-ever North American marketing campaign for the Chilean Kiwifruit Committee is now in full swing and set to continue through the end of September.

Chilean Citrus Season has Arrived

Chile commenced shipping in Week 16, with 71,771 boxes of clementines currently on the water. As of May 2, 55,268 boxes of clementines were headed for the East Coast and 16,503 to the West. Chilean Clementines will be followed by lemons, navels and mandarins.