Sweeten up Summer Sales with Citrus from Chile

The Chilean Citrus Season kicked off in Week 15 as the first shipment of clementines set sail for the U.S. market.  As the largest citrus exporter in the Southern Hemisphere, Chile will be supplying clementines, mandarins, navels, and lemons to the U.S. market, with promotional support starting in June and continuing through October.

Chile Doubles Volume to the U.S. and Implements Enhanced Marketing Campaign

Consumers can enjoy sweet, juicy cherries through February, thanks to Chile. Chilean cherry exports to the U.S. have doubled this season, and the Chilean Cherry Committee will continue to run both consumer and retail programs through February to drive awareness and sales.

Bring Home the Cherry Best with Chilean Cherries

Fall has arrived, and that means it’s time to get ready for Chilean Cherries.  And when we say get ready, we mean get ready for some great news!  Chile projects that cherry exports to the U.S. will see substantial growth in 2021/22, and for the first time, the season will run more than 12 weeks, from November through February. The Chilean Cherry Committee estimates that nearly 13,000 tons will be shipped to the U.S. market during the 2021/22 season.

Chilean Citrus Committee Partnering with Shopkick to Engage Shoppers and Drive Purchases of Chilean Citrus

September 10, 2021 Chilean Fresh Fruit Association

With Chilean lemons, mandarins, and navels all in bountiful supply, the Chilean Citrus Committee has launched an innovative program with leading shopping rewards app, Shopkick, to educate and inspire shoppers online and incentivize Chilean citrus purchases at the store level. The program launched on August 30 and will run through September 20.

Chilean Kiwifruit Season in Full Swing

With season export projections of 145,000 tons, Chile has shipped 76% of this (110,624 tons of kiwifruit worldwide) through Week 29.  North America is Chile’s second largest export market, and demand has been consistently strong throughout the season.  Volume to North America has increased by 20% from 2020, with 19,439 tons shipped through Week 29.