Clover Sonoma Receives California Creamery Operators Association Sustainability Award for Packaging Innovation

April 27, 2022 Clover Sonoma

Clover Sonoma, a Certified B Corporation® and third-generation family-owned and operated dairy, receives recognition for its sustainable packaging innovation for the first fully renewable milk carton and post consumer recycled (PCR) gallon milk jug in the United States through California Creamery Operators Association’s first Sustainability award. In addition, Clover Sonoma releases its 2021 Impact Report, highlighting achievements and progress in sustainable packaging, carbon footprint reduction, and social justice issues.

Clover Sonoma Expands Brand Nationally with First Organic Ready-to-Drink Moon Milks in U.S. Market

April 8, 2022 Clover Sonoma

Clover Sonoma, a third-generation family-owned and operated dairy and Certified B Corporation®, today announced the national launch of a first-of-its-kind dairy beverage: Organic Moon Milks. Steeped in ancient Ayurveda, one of the world’s oldest holistic healing systems, Clover Sonoma’s Moon Milks blend two percent organic milk, herbs, and spices that can help the body respond to physical and emotional stressors.

Clover Sonoma Expands Clover the Rainbow Kid’s Line with Two Organic Plus Whole Milks

February 16, 2022 Clover Sonoma

Clover Sonoma announced the addition of two new organic plus milks to its Clover the Rainbow line for kids – Lactose Free Organic Whole Milk and DHA Omega-3 with Choline Organic Whole Milk. Sourced from American Humane Certified, local Northern California family farms, these two new organic plus milks offer customized, whole nutrition for the entire family.

Clover Sonoma Partners with Independent Family-Owned Food & Dairy Company Alpina to Facilitate Growth in U.S. Market

December 8, 2021 Clover Sonoma

As Clover Sonoma, a family-owned dairy in Northern California, innovates and grows their brand in new markets, the partnership with Alpina, a family-owned food company based in Colombia, presented an opportunity that aligned with Clover Sonoma’s mission and values. Both companies hold a shared vision for the future of dairy and that means taking a global perspective. The alliance will support the growth of Clover Sonoma’s business operations, sustainability efforts, and product innovation, while strengthening relationships with employees, farmers, retail customers, consumers, and in the communities they serve.

Clover Sonoma Announces First Post-Consumer Recycled Gallon Milk Jug in the United States

October 4, 2021 Clover Sonoma

Clover Sonoma, a third-generation family-owned and operated dairy and Certified B Corporation®, today announced it is launching the first post-consumer recycled (PCR) gallon milk jug in the United States. Starting with thirty percent PCR content on its organic gallon milk line, the company commits to increasing the PCR content and extending PCR content use across all Clover Sonoma gallon milk jugs by 2025. Using PCR content in plastic packaging creates a closed loop system for recycling plastic gallon milk jugs and ensures that plastic is neither created nor destroyed, but re-used for a single purpose.