First Dulcinea Branded Cherries Coming to Retail

November 30, 2021 Pacific Trellis Fruit 

Josh Leichter, CEO of Pacific Trellis Fruit, announced today the first shipment of Dulcinea branded cherries has arrived in the United States. Pacific Trellis has quickly grown to be the number 3 importer of cherries and this year marks their first year packaging cherries under the Dulcinea label.

Dulcinea Brand Introduces Deliciously Sweet Cotton Candy Grapes From Spain

September 9, 2020 Pacific Trellis Fruit

Pacific Trellis Fruit is excited to announce its first arrival of the season of the much beloved Cotton Candy™ grape from Spain.

“Fruit of Legendary Perfection” Premium Dulcinea Brand Unveils New Citrus Packaging

Dulcinea®, the California-based premium produce brand specializing in PureHeart, Tuscan-Style and other premium melons, has unveiled new packaging for the brand’s citrus line of products, including oranges and mandarins.