dVida Expands Product Line, Set to Ship Record 2M Pounds of Mangoes Amid Rising U.S. Demand

September 19, 2023 dVida Company

Dragon fruit is an up-and-coming commodity that is gaining recognition with U.S. consumers and dVida has been able to add both yellow and red dragon fruit to their product list. 

North American Retailers and Seafood Suppliers on Their Way to Find the Perfect Shrimp in Ecuador

The Sustainable Shrimp Partnership (SSP) together with the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC), will host a two-day “Shrimp Summit” in Guayaquil on July 12-13, with the aim of showcasing to key seafood suppliers how shrimp is farmed in Ecuador. With a special focus on highlighting best practices, retail companies and seafood suppliers from North America will experience firsthand the commitment of Ecuadorian producers to comply with the highest quality, social and environmental standards of ASC certification, providing meticulous care in every step of the production cycle.

Ecuador’s Flower Industry Shifts Toward Hemp As Rose Sales Wither

At one of Ecuador’s oldest flower farms, workers are planting hemp on land that traditionally used for roses, making a bet that selling cannabinoid products will help offset the decline in flower sales caused by the pandemic.

The Politics of Flowers

You might have noticed that fresh flower prices have risen a bit in the past few weeks. Who would ever think that a new tax on people in one South American country, Colombia, would ever have an effect here in Auburn, New York? That is exactly what has happened.

Jet Fresh Flower Growers Boutique Farm Constructs Greenhouses in Ecuador

Within the year, Jet Fresh Flower Growers has constructed two new greenhouses bringing the current total to 14, with additional room for more development in the near future.