U.S. Cut Roses Industry Disappointed by White House Decision to Remove Tariff Protection

November 5, 2020 Certified American Grown

The California Cut Flower Commission (“CCFC”) and Certified American Grown (“CAG”), representing the American fresh cut flower industry and hundreds of workers, and farmers, expressed disappointment and concern at the Trump Administration’s decision to remove long-standing duties on imports of cut roses from Ecuador. As a result of the decision, a 6.8% duty that has helped protect the U.S. industry from large volumes of low-priced imports of Ecuadorian fresh cut roses has been eliminated.

Ecuador’s Blooming Flower Industry Feels Pandemic’s Punch

Flower growers in Ecuador are trimming back their fields, cutting plants at the root and in some cases tossing out piles of colorful blooms entirely as the pandemic delivers a devastating blow to one of the nation’s biggest export industries.

First Ever, Golden Berries From Ecuador Arriving at J&C Tropicals

December 17, 2019 J&C Tropicals

J&C Tropicals is excited to announce that on December 12th the first shipment of Golden Berries from Ecuador to the US arrived at its Miami distribution facility.

Agriflor in Ecuador Heading For First Annual Edition

September 5, 2019 HPP Exhibitions

In exactly one month, the international flower trade exhibition AGRIFLOR will open its doors for the first time as an annual trade show. With a total of around 75 flower growers, international buyers are invited to meet with mainly Ecuadorian non associated flower growers & exporters.

Ecuador is the partner country of FRUIT LOGISTICA 2020

September 4, 2019 FRUIT LOGISTICA

The Andean country will present Ecuador’s agricultural heritage to the world, placing itself as an international and versatile producer of premium and sustainable fresh fruit and vegetables.