Canada Shuts Baby Eel Fishery After String of Attacks on Harvesters

Elvers are Canada’s most valuable fish species by weight, selling for up to $5,000 a kilogram and shipped live to Asia where they are grown for food.

American Unagi Breaks Ground in Waldoboro, ME

On July 19, Sara Rademaker, founder and president of American Unagi, a company that grows and sells locally sourced, responsibly raised eels for the U.S. market, met with her construction team on the site of the long-planned state-of-the-art eel aquaculture facility that has finally broken ground in Waldoboro.

California Sues Seafood Companies Over Alleged Lead, Cadmium

December 31, 2020 Associated Press

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra sued five seafood companies on Tuesday, alleging they have sold fish that contains lead and cadmium in the state without legally required warnings.

Packing of Baby Eels may be Overseen by Maine Law Enforcement

Maine’s lucrative baby eel industry will likely face tighter controls this year designed to thwart poaching, as officials consider requiring state law enforcement officers to oversee the packing and shipping of the valuable fish.