American Unagi Breaks Ground in Waldoboro, ME

On July 19, Sara Rademaker, founder and president of American Unagi, a company that grows and sells locally sourced, responsibly raised eels for the U.S. market, met with her construction team on the site of the long-planned state-of-the-art eel aquaculture facility that has finally broken ground in Waldoboro.

“I was telling the guys when they were pouring the concrete that I’ve been thinking about this moment for seven years,” Rademaker said. “It’s exciting being able to finally see a vision that I had for an aquaculture facility here happening.”

Days later, Rademaker formally announced the ground breaking on July 28, the timing giving added weight to the significance of her achievement. July 28 is also Unagi Day, or Eel Day in Japan, an annual midsummer observance during which eel is eaten to counteract the heat of the summer season.

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