Amateur Bread Bakers Save New York Flour Business

June 4, 2020 CNN

In the almost 20 years Don Lewis has been milling and selling flour from his upstate New York farm, he has never experienced such a rapid fall and rise of his business like the one caused by the COVID-19.

Everyone’s Baking Bread, But There’s No ‘Regular’ Flour Left—Here’s a Solution

April 13, 2020 Korin Miller, Yahoo

People are buying yeast and flour in droves, making it incredibly difficult to find the stuff. Yeast, which helps bread and other baked goods rise, saw a 647% growth in sales the week of March 15 compared to the previous year, according to Nielsen data.

Quebec Bakers Grind Their Own Flour to Make Better Bread

July 29, 2019 CBC News

When it comes to baking bread, it’s all about the flour: where it comes from, how it’s milled, how fresh it is.

K-State Researchers Seeking Ways to Protect Flour

February 20, 2019 Kansas State University

Most consumers typically don’t think that a food safety risk lurks in their kitchen’s flour bin, but a handful of product recalls since 2015 in the United States and other countries is changing that mindset.