Everyone’s Baking Bread, But There’s No ‘Regular’ Flour Left—Here’s a Solution

Instagram is filled with photos of people showing off their homemade bread—but not for long. Like toilet paper and paper towels, it’s now next-to-impossible to find all-purpose flour and bread flour in stores. Looking online? Good luck with that.

People are buying yeast and flour in droves, making it incredibly difficult to find the stuff. Yeast, which helps bread and other baked goods rise, saw a 647% growth in sales the week of March 15 compared to the previous year, according to Nielsen data.

Robb MacKie, president and CEO of the American Bakers Association, told Business Insider that demand for baking goods like yeast and flour exploded virtually overnight. “An extended spike of demand hit the system hard and unexpectedly,” he said. “We could have handled twice the normal demand. But five times the normal [demand] almost overnight—no one can prepare for that.” 

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