How is Online Shopping Changing Grocery Shopping?

Some grocery shoppers have been driven to try online shopping by promotions, advertising or even curiosity, only to revert back to their established, preferred habits of in-store food shopping. Only 10% of shoppers are frequent (at least once every two weeks) online shoppers.

FMI Recognizes Illinois Retail Merchants Association Executive with Public Affairs Award

August 15, 2019 Food Marketing Institute

Tanya Dawood received the award at FMI’s State Issues Retreat, an annual event that brings together food retail grocery associations and grocery company professionals from each state to discuss state legislative issues of interest to the food industry.

FMI Appoints Food Safety and Regulatory Staff Members to New Positions

Food Marketing Institute (FMI) today recognizes four staff members for their leadership, achievements, and contributions to FMI’s regulatory and food safety advocacy work.

FMI Welcomes Gigi Vita as Vice President of SQFI Sales

Food Marketing Institute (FMI) is pleased to announce the appointment of Gigi Vita as the vice president of sales for the Safe Quality Food Institute (SQFI). Vita will be responsible for managing the entire sales division of SQFI.

The Seafood Category Is Distinct and Intriguing

March 22, 2019 Food Marketing Institute

What reveals the market potential for seafood at retail, given the diversity of products and varying availability and seasonality around the country? The Power of Seafood report – the first in FMI’s “Power of…” series to focus on seafood – shares that one underlying characteristic of seafood shoppers is their discerning nature.