FMI and The Seam Partner to Create Digitized Food Supply Chain Platform

May 8, 2020 FMI

-FMI—The Food Industry Association and The Seam, a leading provider of commodities trading and agriculture software solutions, today announced the launch of the Food Industry Exchange sponsored by FMI powered by The Seam.

What Value-Added Really Means for Fresh Categories

Particularly for value-added produce, we find the presence of children in the household to be key to entering into frequent value-added purchases. This makes sense since new families are often more health conscience and time strapped. Proving to be a value-add for these young families can be a big win for food retailers and suppliers and help build long-term loyalty and brand familiarity.”

FMI- The Food Industry Association Stands with the President and His Administration to Keep Stores Open and Stocked

March 17, 2020 FMI

FMI and its members offered to stand ready with the President of the United States and his Administration to ensure the viability of the supply chain and the availability of safe, affordable food and consumer products for our customers.

What Shoppers Say About Produce Packaging

Shoppers are pushing back on plastic waste, but many consumers do recognize packaging can be important when it comes to product shelf life, food safety, in-store conditions, product information, portability and more.

FMI: Omnishopper Size of the Prize

The food industry moves fast these days, which is why it’s important to pause and re-evaluate from time to time. This is especially true of evaluating the new marketplace and the role you as a food retailer or supplier are playing in it.