Barry Callebaut Forever Chocolate Progress Report 2021/22

December 6, 2022 Barry Callebaut

Barry Callebaut launched its 6th Forever Chocolate Progress Report, presenting our progress against the target we set ourselves in 2016 to make sustainable chocolate the norm. The Progress Report, covering Fiscal Year 2021/22, ending 30 August 2022, shows that we are continuing to scale up our activities by partnering with customers as well as societal and industry stakeholders to create tangible impact on the ground.

A Big Picture Approach to Cocoa Traceability

September 13, 2022 Barry Callebaut

Traceability to farm level, knowing where the cocoa we source is grown, plays a crucial role in addressing some of the structural sustainability issues in the cocoa supply chain.

Why the Future of Chocolate Depends on Healthy Forests

April 29, 2021 Barry Callebaut

Today marks the publication of Barry Callebaut’s second CFI Progress Report, highlighting the contribution we have made to tackle deforestation and our progression towards becoming forest positive by 2025.

Barry Callebaut Releases Forever Chocolate Progress Report 2019/20

December 21, 2020 Barry Callebaut

“It is our fourth Report since the launch of Forever Chocolate in 2016, listing our progress towards the goal of making sustainable chocolate the norm by 2025. Our progress data shows we are creating impact in unprecedented times.”

Barry Callebaut’s Forever Chocolate Strategy Once Again Recognized as a Leader Among Peers

September 4, 2020 Barry Callebaut

Forever Chocolate, Barry Callebaut’s plan to make sustainable chocolate the norm, was recognized by Sustainalytics as the #2 sustainability strategy out of 182 assessed companies in the packaged food industry. Sustainalytics is the leading company assessing the industry’s efforts to manage the environmental, social and governance risks in supply chains.