Nature Fresh Farms Spreads Holiday Cheer with their 2020 Holiday Giveaway

December 28, 2020 Nature Fresh Farms

Nature Fresh Farms continues to give back to their community this holiday season through their various fundraisers and donations.

The Present of a Holiday Song That Begins in a Grocery Store: Take Two

We were driving home from college for the holidays when a song came on the radio, ‘Same Old Lang Syne’ by Dan Fogelberg. . We had spent a fair amount of time in grocery stores as the family had owned some in New Jersey and Puerto Rico, so maybe that is why it resonated. The song has an arresting start that shows the deep connection of the food industry with the lives people actually lead.

WP Rawl Honors Veterans This Holiday Season

December 23, 2020 WP Rawl

WP Rawl, the premier grower, processor and shipper of leafy greens honored fallen military heroes by participating in Wreaths Across America Day this December.

Stemilt & Hansen Fruit Play Santa for Eighth Consecutive Year

December 21, 2020 Stemilt

For the eighth year, the two fruit companies played Santa and granted holiday wishes to 177 children in foster care and low income housing in the Wenatchee and Yakima areas.

It’s The Most Important Time of the Year. Baked Goods Mean Comfort for the Holidays!

December 18, 2020 BakeMark

The two or three weeks leading up to the holidays are always important in the world of baking. This year, however, they are more critical than ever for our customers, our businesses, and ourselves. With all the stress brought on by the pandemic, the world needs the comfort we in the baking industry provide every day. Are you and your products important? You bet!