Mike Krage Joins Idaho Potato Commission As Northeast Retail Promotion Director

April 29, 2019 Idaho Potato Commission

Produce veteran Mike Krage is the newest retail superhero at the Idaho Potato Commission (IPC), bringing more than 30 years of retail and wholesale produce industry experience.

Survey Says… Heart-Healthy Idaho Potatoes Are America’s Favorite Vegetable

February 12, 2019 Idaho Potato Commission

February is the Idaho Potato Commission’s (IPC) favorite month. Why? It’s American Heart Month and Potato Lovers Month, making it a great time to celebrate Idaho® potatoes.

For Idaho Potato Lover’s Month, We Laud the Humble Tuber for its Notable Nutrition

February 5, 2019 Idaho Potato Commission

February is Idaho® Potato Lover’s Month! For many foodservice customers a side (or base or topping) of fries is a comforting treat that defines a meal. However, according to the Idaho Potato Commission (IPC), they should be aware that potatoes bring much more to the plate, notably an impressive nutritional profile.

2018 Big Idaho Potato Truck Tour Has Officially Ended

February 1, 2019 Idaho Potato Commission

When the Big Idaho® Potato dropped at midnight in front of the Capitol Building on New Year’s Eve, the Big Idaho® Potato Truck, which was front and center for the “spudtacular” show, officially ended its 2018 tour. And what a year it was! The Truck…

#1 College Football Bowl Mascot? The Idaho Potato Commission’s Spuddy Buddy

January 7, 2019 Idaho Potato Commission

“Spuddy Buddy has won the hearts of millions of folks around the world. People of all ages just can’t help but smile when they see him,” explained Frank Muir, President & CEO, IPC. “Two years ago ESPN named Spuddy Buddy their favorite mascot. I think this is just the beginning of a very long list of accolades for Spuddy Buddy.”