Introducing the New Jasper Hill Farm Monthly Club Membership Program

July 31, 2020 Jasper Hill Farm

This month’s Cheese Club Collection focuses on three very different cheeses, all made with raw Andersonville milk, paired with three local, botanically-inspired accompaniments. Keep reading to learn more about the contents of this exclusive collection.

Jasper Hill Farm Announces: Native Bayley

April 20, 2020 Jasper Hill Farm

Bayley Hazen Blue is one of the most beloved cheeses in our collection. It is often referred to as a Gateway Blue—even folks who are apprehensive about blue cheese as a rule are charmed by Bayley’s fudgy melt-in-your-mouth texture, and while blue cheese has a reputation for being assertive, Bayley is buttery and well-balanced.

Jasper Hill Farm’s Ginnimere Has Arrived

April 9, 2020 Jasper Hill Farm

Just when you thought WINNIMERE couldn’t get any better… we went head & washed it with AWARD-WINNING, VERMONT-MADE BARR HILL GIN!

Jasper Hill Farm Takes Two Spots in the Top 20 World’s Best Cheeses

March 9, 2020 Jasper Hill Farm

The World Cheese Championship Contest, held in Madison Wisconsin this week, announced the top 20 final candidates in the running for the top prize out of a record 3,667 international entries. Jasper Hill Farm is pleased to announce that they made two of these winning cheeses.

Jasper Hill Farm Expands Into Goat Cheese, With New Partners

October 24, 2019 Justin Trombly, VTDigger

Since this summer, Jasper Hill has launched two hybrid cheeses: Eligo and Bridgman Blue. Both are made of half cow’s milk and half goat’s milk. Now, the company is introducing a third cheese, Highlander.