NextGen Food Robotics Provides Update on its AI-Powered Food Ordering Application, Lily

March 1, 2024 NextGen Food Robotics

NextGen Food Robotics Corp., a leading innovator in the food technology industry, is pleased to announce that it has completed the first production version of its generative-AI powered food delivery and chatbot application, Lily, and the submission of the application to the Apple App Store.

SAF: Remind Customers About Lily Toxicity

With Easter a month away, it is important for floral retailers to remind their staff and customers that several types of lilies can cause renal failure, or even death, if ingested by cats.

Esmeralda Farms Acquires Sande Flowers

May 10, 2022 Esmeralda Farms

Esmeralda Farms has entered into an agreement to purchase Sande Flowers. This acquisition—which includes Sande’s variety portfolio and its operations in Ecuador and the United States— will begin on June 1, 2022.

New Royal Lily Line-Up From Royal Van Zanten

January 19, 2021 Royal Van Zanten

Royal Van Zanten is proud to present to you our new Royal Lily Line-up. In this new catalogue you will find our new and existing varieties. What they all have in common is: quality, innovation and passion. Passion from all our colleagues for the product & for our relations.

Reliability + Quality = Double Check Lily

January 13, 2021 Royal Van Zanten

With more than 12 hectares of glass spread over 4 locations, Double Check Lily is one of the largest lily growers in the Netherlands. 20 million lilies are grown annually on 12.4 hectares. Both LA’s and Orientals Lilies.